They’re not out there to win any awards. They’re not out there to impress you with super musical skills. No, Big Murder exists solely to entertain you. To provide chunky, rhythmic, infectious rock-and-roll grooves that will make you walk around all day with a song in your head.


The Big Murder concept was conceived in 2013 by guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer Marcus David while playing the Atlanta circuit with previous bands. Bassist Randy Hall joined the mix in the summer of 2015 to collaborate on the band’s debut EP. In April 2018 Atlanta music teacher Andrew Bennett picked up the role of beating the drums.


The debut album Shifting Ground was released in July 2016. Several local shows, a couple festivals, and several appearances on 99X Atlanta radio WWWQ highlighted the following year in support of the record.

The sophomore effort, Slow Moving Planet, was released January 2018. The tracks on this record range from the gritty-in-your-face-straight-up-guitar-driven rock of Barking at the Gods to the heartfelt lyrics of If You Leave. The final track, Political Correction, “shouts out warnings like a clipping audio meter.”


The guys are tearing up stages in and around the southeast for the remainder of 2018 while preparing to produce another musical treat for their people. So, the message here is to check out the tour schedule, ‘cause, “Big Murder has a lot of musical weaponry with which to kill!”


Check out artist/producer/studio owner Joey Stuckey and the nice things he said about our new record here:

March 16, 2018


Big Murder is 'killing it' with their new release "Slow Moving Planet"