NO SMALL PLANS  –   Released June 12, 2020
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No Small Plans  This musical journey takes us from the hard rock anthem "In My Head" to the lush and smooth "Churches" back to the hard-hitting energetic "Dust." Along the way we experience sorrow and darkness with "No More Pain," a weird, rocking, and energetic vibe from "My Love is a Pinto," and nostalgic, angelic, dream-like feelings with "Swarm."

SLOW MOVING PLANET  –   Released January 27, 2018
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Slow Moving Planet  explores human dynamics in a complex digital world. We're all connected in that sense, yet in many ways, less connected than we've ever been as a society, and a planet. Human interaction has taken on a faceless modality, while the anonymity of social media distorts our behavior toward others, and our ability to affect change in this world. It is an exciting, and sometimes confusing, time to be alive!

SHIFTING GROUND  –   July 2016
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Our debut album, Shifting Ground, was released in July 2016. This high energy driving rock EP was well-received in the Atlanta area. Two tracks from this EP garnered airplay on local radio station 99X.


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June 2020

It’s fair to assume a band named Big Murder is an angry gangsta death-metal rap group, with potential legal issues. Though that last part may be partly true, the rest is much more complex. Big Murder is known for their hard-driving energy rock built with addictive riffs and melodies that are both refreshing and fun. They can pack a dance floor and create an atmosphere of masterfully intricate sounds.

Guitarist and vocalist Marcus David came up with the concept for Big Murder in 2013 while touring around Atlanta. In 2015 Marcus brought in Evan Buckler on drums and Randy Hall on bass, keys, and vocals to, “create this awesome band,” as he puts it. The debut album, Shifting Ground, was released in July 2016. Several local shows, a couple festivals, and several appearances on 99X Atlanta radio WWWQ highlighted the following year in support of the record.

The sophomore effort, Slow Moving Planet, was released January 2018. The tracks on this record range from the gritty-in-your-face-straight-up-guitar-driven rock of Barking at the Gods to the heartfelt lyrics of If You Leave. The final track, Political Correction, “shouts out warnings like a clipping audio meter.”

After a brief hiatus in 2019, the guys reconvened to record their third record, No Small Plans, which released in June 2020. The album offers an interesting spin on human relationships. The band pens some interesting observations, all masterfully woven into their murderous grooves, that range from hard rock anthem "In My Head" to the nostalgic, angelic, dream-like feelings of "Swarm."

Big Murder has been compared to bands like Incubus, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, and Foo Fighters. That broad range of style stems from the band’s philosophy that music should be sonically interesting, but also touch the individual heart and soul of their listeners. When they write, there are no rules or formulas, so their songs are always unique, and never boring. 

The next year is going to be a big one for this band. The new album is their best work yet. Stages will rock with the band’s thunder after the release. So, the message here is to check out the tour schedule, ‘cause, “Big Murder has a lot of musical weaponry with which to kill!”


March 2020

Crowd Reviews:

“Big Murder has a wide range of song styles that will serve them well in their career. I'm blown away by their talents. Unusual to hear a band like this today.”

“I always love how this band has guitar chords that are so rebellious and strong…”

“[Swarm] might be my favorite track from Big Murder so far. They have such a familiar sound, but they can sound like multiple artists. Very unique.”

“The guitar has a very ZZ Top type quality that is amazing. I love the energy and the pure rock sound …”

March 16, 2018


Big Murder is 'killing it' with their new release "Slow Moving Planet"

Joey Stuckey

One of the best things that happens to me in my role as either a recording engineer, producer, music journalist, music ambassador for the music city of Macon, GA, or as a music business industry consultant, is that I get to hear a lot of great music.

Of course, sometimes it just happens that one of my friends turns me on to something great.

That is what happened with Big Murder. My good friends Andrew and Morgan Bennett sent me an email about this group and I was hooked. Big Murder has a lot of weaponry with which to kill, musically speaking.

Lyrics that are heartfelt and shouting out warnings like a clipping audio meter about the rampant divisions in our communities and the crazy changes of 21st century life play an important role in why you should fork over your hard-earned money to check the band out. However, it is the groove factor that really makes the band's music something you will want to consume!

While the current release....

July 2016


Philip Perry

If you’re not having a great time halfway through the first cut on Big Murder’s new release, Shifting Ground, you’d better check your pulse. Because this high energy trio knows how to start a party. All three guys are lifelong musicians that play because they need to. It’s in their blood. And fortunately for us, they have an urgent desire to share the fun. Big Murder’s full throttle sound skips across the murky, listless tide of self-absorbed indie artist laments like a speedboat from hell.

The music that guitarist Marcus David, drummer Evan Buckler and bassist Randy Hall make together doesn’t bump along whining about the relentless cascade of life’s unfair challenges and heartbreaks. It unashamedly cuts right to the heart of the matter – as the crow flies – with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. And it passes the only test that truly matters. When you head out to the back yard to tweeze the topiary, you’re sure to find yourself snipping in rhythm and humming a bar or two from My Love Is A Pinto.

So there you have it – the skinny on a breath-of-fresh-air new band. They’re loud, fun and refreshingly unpretentious. Now you have a fist full of reasons to give them a listen, but if you like, I can always give you one more.


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Marcus David


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Randy Hall


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Evan Buckler




Of course, we will have no shows scheduled until the COVID-19 threat is stabilized. After that, check back here to see tour updates.




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