April 23, 2018

Welcome New Drummer!

So you may have noticed that there's a new face in some of the pictures and videos we've posted recently. We were bummed to hear that our long-time drummer Evan needed to leave to spend more time with his growing family; however, we are stoked to announce that Andrew Bennett has taken the reigns! Andrew is a graduate of the music program at Mercer University and makes his living as a musician, music teacher, and blogger. Welcome Andrew! We're honored to have you! Here's to making some crazy cool music together!

February 13, 2023

People Saying Nice Things

Just wanted to give ya an update on this, the luckiest of days, Friday the 13th. The album was released a couple months ago, and people seem to be enjoying it. We got a great write up by Joey Stuckey (check it out on here). Our personal lives have been a little crazy too. Randy recently moved into a new house and wore himself out. We have also been remodeling the studio so that it's pretty and more accommodating for making kick-a@# recordings. We'll let you know when it's done. Check out the tour section to see all the new shows we recently added. Hope everyone is enjoying the pollen and the spring weather!

January 10, 2018

Slow Moving Planet

THE ALBUM IS DONE! And it's about time too! We are super excited to present you with new music! If you'd like a sneak peek, there will be a listening party at the studio on Saturday January 20! Contact us for details if you'd like to attend!

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